1-11-11 HappyDoll is Ready to Roll!

Welcome to HappyDoll! Today, we are very excited to announce the official launch of HappyDoll. Despite the heavy snow, HappyDoll managed to move in to its office on the upper west side. We are now up and running!

What is HappyDoll?

We create dolls with children and make them travel all around the world on behalf of these children. Each doll is filled with the hopes of the children who created it.  HappyDoll carry their hopes to other children around the world, linking a circle of hope.

How does it work?

  1. You make the dolls
  2. We make them travel around the world
  3. You can TRACK your dolls, connect to the WORLD and expand a circle of happiness and hope!

In this blog, we will update you on HappyDoll's development, various HappyDoll projects and volunteer activities you can participate in.  So be sure to check us out frequently!

If you represent a charity, organization, hospital or school and would like to know more about HappyDoll, please email us at info@happydoll.org

We also accept invites to birthday parties and other opportunities to share the HappyDoll experience with you!

Or stop by and visit us at: 2095 Broadway (between 72nd and 73rd Street) Suite 506 New York NY 10023

What better day to move in than on a heavy snow day? The view from our office window made it worth it.