HappyDoll's First Visit: AMAC

HappyDoll had its first doll-making session with the children of AMAC Inc (The Association for Metroarea Autistic Children)! This non-for-profit organization was founded in 1961, and serves people of all ages diagnosed with Autism.   Their goal is to enable the youths and adults to develop their ability and skill to adapt to society easily.  We saw many unique ideas here.  For example, there are street signs in the building just like the ones we see outside, and they also have a token system where children are given “tokens” which they can exchange for goodies at the “shops” in the school.

We worked with two groups today: The young group (ages 5-9) and the older group (ages 10-18)

There is one thing we learned from today’s visit: AMAC Inc. is a creative powerhouse of artists. The artistic talent that filled the room was overwhelming!

Wanna see for yourself? We'll be posting pictures of the dolls soon so be sure to check back!

The young group!

The big kids!

Every doll turned out to be a masterpiece!!