Meet Our HappyDolls! -AMAC part2-

You got a sneak peek of the dolls we made at AMAC last week.

So, without further ado, let us introduce you to our newest friends, The HappyDolls from AMAC!

Polly the dolly
Message: Take good care of Max!
Bonjour to Broque Monsieur from France
Merry Christmas, Christopher
She's doing the Agyebea dance
"Happy day"-Donny
Jonathan, the samurai doll

Each doll has a name, birthday, birth place and message from it's creator.  It took less than an hour for these kids to create their HappyDolls!
Impressed?  Wait till you see the dolls made by the older kids!
If you represent a charity, organization, hospital or school and would like to know more about HAPPYDOLL, please email us at 

We also accept invites to birthday parties and other opportunities to share the HappyDoll experience with you!