Meet Our HappyDolls! -AMAC part3-

Here are more pictures of HappyDolls made at AMAC! The older group learned about Japan, the country which these HappyDolls will visit.  We discovered that many of our friends from AMAC are travelers themselves who have visited California, Great Britain and even Romania!

"Who likes to travel?"    "MEEEEEEE!!!"
"Where is Japan?"
Do you like my guitar? I'm Oliver The RockStar!
Uzumaki Naruto has his "shuriken", a secret ninja weapon
Beautiful Claire with her lovely green hair
Grandma Jane wears an embroidered apron
Lovin' the pink hair, Christina!

Beware of  Ms. Dracula Liz!



Thank you again to EVERYONE at AMAC!

The children were delightful to work with and we are very grateful for the warm welcome we received from everyone!

See you soon!

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