Happy Valentine's Day from HappyDoll!

Do you know how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Japan?

It’s a day for women and girls to give chocolates and other gifts to their “special someone” to express their love and affection!   Then, a month later, on White Day (March 14th), the men and the boys return the favor.  It’s one of our “sweetest” traditions in Japan!

Our very good friend, Yuka, made a perfect HappyDoll for the occasion!

His name is ABU. Don’t you love his big smile?

Thanks for coming, Yuka!

Thanks to Yuka, we’ve come up with a great idea.  Starting tomorrow, we’ll be asking our guests who visit the office to make HappyDolls with us!

This will help us design a “PROTOTYPE”, or a basic HappyDoll body, which the children will work off of to create their own HappyDolls.

So COME VISIT our office and help us design our HappyDoll!!!! Your HappyDoll may travel and inspire children all over the world…!  Just remember to keep one question in mind during the “doll-making session”:  What makes you HAPPY?

Just as I was about to post this blog, our neighbor, Meredith, stopped by in her LOVELY VALENTINE'S DAY COSTUME! She brought over her favorite doll and promised to make a HappyDoll with us next time.
Meredith! We LOVE your Valentine's Day outfit.

Stay tuned because we have some exciting NEWS to share...!

We hope you share your  Valentine's Day with your friends and loved ones!