HappyDolls from North Carolina!

On a beautiful sunny day in North Carolina, HappyDoll received a warm welcome from the 2nd grade class of thirty-six children at Cape Fear Academy.

nozo with the 2nd grade class at Cape Fear Academy

We were invited to attend “JAPAN CELEBRATION”, a special day for the class to present everything learned about Japan—It’s history, culture, and art. The class even performed plays of  famous Japanese folktales: “Kasajizou” (The Six Jizos), "The Crane Wife",   "The Boy of the Three Year Nap" ,  "The Funny Little Woman", and 'The Magic Purse". What an impressive performance!

They deserve the Tony Award!

At the end of the performance, the class presented their HappyDolls --114 DOLLS IN TOTAL! Each doll was made by hand by the students and their families. So colorful and cheerful, they all even have their own names.

HappyDolls made from yarn and cloth

In the spring, all of these HappyDolls will be traveling to Japan!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers, students and their families who made this wonderful collaboration happen!

Special thanks to : Ms. DiBernardo & Ms. Richardson

Lilly, Hannah, Bellamy, Taylor, Delilah, Brooks, Johnny, Ella, Mitsey, Sanders, Carolyn, McCauley, Jack, Chase, Natalie, Hope, Campbell, Erik and all the other students and their families who participated in this project!