North Carolina HappyDolls Hit the Road!

We have some marvelous monday news to start our week off! The North Carolina HappyDolls have hit the road on their journey to carry the love and hope of all the children from Cape Fear Academy!

Where are they going, you ask?

Our Doll Ambassador, Aimi visited the HappyDoll office on Friday.  When we first met her, she was a young camper at MSTERIO (Nozo's summer camp).  Now, Aimi is a college student, studying to become a Social Worker in Japan.

Aimi with HappyDolls

I guess you can already guess where the HappyDolls are headed...YES! These HappyDolls are traveling to TOKYO, JAPAN!!! Actually, by the time you read this, the HappyDolls should have arrived in Japan.  We will keep you posted on WHO receives your dolls, so stay tuned!


We would also like to share the we received from Cape Fear Academy...!

Beautiful letters from the 2nd grade class.

Click to read these beautiful letters...


Thanks again to everyone at Cape Fear for your kind words !