HappyDoll Festival!

HAPPY DOLL FESTIVAL! In Japan, March 3rd is Doll Festival or Girls' Day (Hina Matsuri) where families with young daughters celebrate their healthy growth by displaying traditional dolls in the house.  Usually, these HINA DOLLS are placed on a red tiered platform with the emperor and the empress on the top, the three court ladies on the second tier and five male court musicians on the third steps.  The fancy ones even have two ministers on either side of the fourth tier, and  an orange tree and cherry tree on the last step.

Traditional Hina Doll Set

We are celebrating our own version of Doll Festival....HappyDoll Festival!

Our interpretation

We also have a HappyDoll story to share with you :

It is the story of  Taylor, a 5-year-old girl battling cancer in Virginia. Our good friend Barbara, the president of CandleLighters, an organization that supports children with cancer and their families,  was the one who introduced us to Taylor.

We worked with Barbara at the CandleLighters' Halloween event last October. Barbara inspired us; it was where HappyDoll started.

Taylor is battling cancer on two fronts: neuroblastoma and chemo-induced leukemia.We wanted to do SOMETHING to support Taylor through this difficult time and to thank her for inspiring us with her strength and courage as she undergoes treatments.

SO, three HappyDolls left on a journey today to meet Taylor in Virginia.  Their names are Kamina, Bob and Drew made by Delilah and Campbelle from Cape Fear Academy in North Carolina!  Kamina was supposed to travel alone, but when we heard Taylor had two brothers, Bob and Drew wanted to tag along! We hope that every time Taylor sees the HappyDoll, she will remember that we are thinking of her. We wish Taylor a heart full of happiness.