HappyDoll party!

On Doll Festival, we had a HappyDoll party at our office! Our friends stopped by to make HappyDolls for us, including two little babies--Souta and You.

Take a look at these wonderful HappyDolls:

Thanks to: Eri, Haruka, Michiko, Fumiko, Yukiyo, Natsu and Michiyo!

This time, we had blank body dolls( made by Mio) and asked our guests to design them using pens, fabrics and yarns. It's interesting how these dolls can reveal so much about the creator's personality. We'll be using these HappyDolls to create the prototype for our HappyDoll kit!

We'd like to take this opportunity to THANK EVERYONE who came to our office to make HappyDolls with us:)



We also have HappyDoll News! Breany, a HappyDoll from North Carolina made by Grace Anne is traveling to meet Casey who will be undergoing leukemia surgery.   Casey, we are thinking of you!