WARNING: HappyDoll Office Warming!

HappyDoll is having an OFFICE WARMING PARTY tomorrow!! Until now, the bathroom has been the number one spot to meet new people in our office building. We're setting a new trend.

In order to get to know our neighbors and discover new friends, we've invited the entire building for SAKE and delicious pastries.

We MAY even have an Oscar winner attending!!

His name is Kirk Simon, the producer and director of STRANGERS NO MORE which won the academy award for best documentary short. The movie is about an extraordinary school in the heart of Tel Aviv, Israel and how it is changing lives of the students who arrive there fleeting poverty, genocide and war.

Kirk gave us a free copy of the film, and we were all deeply moved.One phrase in the movie really stuck with us--"Here, no child is a stranger. "

It truly was a wonderful film and we URGE you to see it if you haven't already!!