Stand With Japan ~Digest~

For those of our friends who could not attend, here is a special overview of the concert!

On Tuesday night, a sense of solidarity filled the auditorium of the First Church of Christ. Over 20 musicians came together, transcending all borders and creating a powerful message of hope and love for the people of Japan.  More than 300 guests were welcomed by the beautiful sound of the pipe organ played by Ronald Berresford. The night commenced with the dynamic beat of the Japanese Taiko of the New York Taiko Aikokai, followed by the 9-year-old piano prodigy, Jasper Heymann.

"Enjin Daiko" by the New York Taiko Aikokai

Jasper Heymann played "The Lark" by Balakirer

Many wonderful performances continued throughout the night; the Jazz singers mesmerized the audience with their sensual voices while the enthralling pianists, guitarists, violinists, and cellists filled the room with serene and tender melody.  The opera singers and the men’s choir gave a vivacious performance, expressing songs of passion, love and hope.  There was even a performance of an original song, made especially for Stand With Japan.

"Love for Life" by Erika Matsu & Carlton Holmes    Adela Peña plays "Gavotte"

"Nocturne in F major" by Sayaka Tanikawa      "Turandot"

000000000000000000000000000000000by Ernest Revell &Elena Smirnova

"Biwako" by Taeko & Miki Hayama           Improvisational piece by Marianna

"I Do What I Can"                            "Inner Space" by  Yumi Kurosawa

Stand With Japan original song by KIYOTAKA, Akiko Nishimura, Yasuhiko Kukuoka & Beth Blatt

Each artist shared their thoughts and empathy for the people of Japan, including those who had lost their friends and families due to the disaster.  Gohei Nishikawa, the pianist who experienced the Great Hanshin Earthquake 16 years ago, emphasized the importance to sustain the support as Japan struggles to overcome this devastation. "I know what it feels like to lose everything" said Davell Crawford, also known as the prince of New Orleans who experienced Katrina.  His song is uplifting, encouraging us to keep moving forward with the love for those we have lost. We culminated a night of beautiful music by coming together to sing “Furusato” , a song from the heart of Japan.  As a token of gratitude, the guests were gifted flowers made of origami papers.

"This little light of Mine" by                           "Requiem Op.66 for 3 cellos & piano"

Selina Miyazaki & Mitchell Vines                        Steve Beck, Alex Greenbaum,

000000000000000000000000000000000000Eric Jacobsen & Ali Jones


VORTEX plays "Anpo Theme"     "Nocturne No.13 in C minor" by Gohei Nishikawa

Asako Tamura sings "Madam Butterfly"                "Island of  Hope" by

000000000000000000000000TheVolunteer of the Men's Glee Club of NY

"Guarda a Nossa Terra"                                  Davell Crawford sings "Surprise"

by Paulo Coelho & Isabel Castellvi

More than $32,000 were collected from the concert.  These donations will be transferred to a Save the Children fund for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Victims. We are extremely grateful and inspired by the overwhelming support displayed for those suffering in Japan.  We hope that you will join us and continue to Stand With Japan through its difficult time.


*Taeko's live concert is coming up on 4/12 at Zinc Bar! For more information:

*KIYOTAKA's family was one of the victims of the disaster. He is having another charity concert on 6/5. For more information:


Photos by Tomonori Iwata &Canna Sasa

Tomonori Iwata: After working as a window display designer in Japan, Tomonori came to New York in 2005.  Tomonori now seeks to express himself by breathing life to clothing and bringing them alive through his camera lenses in his own distinctive way.

Canna Sasa: Born and raised in Japan, Canna came to New York in 2005 for a solo exhibition after working as an assistant for three years at STUDIO BAKU Inc.  Her work focuses on food, lifestyle and fashion photographs for commercials and editorials.