I Do What I Can

Many of you have reached out to us asking, "We want to do something for Japan. But what can we do?"At STAND WITH JAPAN, our friends performed an original song for the concert.

We want to share the lyrics of this song along with what some of our friends have been doing. It may help you answer your question!

I DO WHAT I CAN Lyrics: Beth Blatt      Music: Yasuhiko Fukuoka

Gambatte,  Hang on

Gambatte,  Be strong

Gambatte, Push on


When they ask for volunteers

My hand raises itself

Like a balloon

Up it goes.

When I put on all the gear

I don’t recognize myself

Man on the moon.

Here I go.

They’re waiting for me

At Reactor Number Three.


I’m no superman,

I’m no samurai

I’m just a guy

(And I)


I do what I can

Feels good to give of myself

I do what I can

So I can live with myself

I do what I can


When I read they lost it all

My hand picks up the phone

Like in a dream.

Here I go.

I call everyone and say

“Gotta help these folks today.”


I’m no Mother Teresa

I’m no millionaire

But I just care


I do what I can

Feels good to give of myself

I do what I can

So I can live with myself

I do what I can


I share my food

I write a check

I carry water

I write a song

I say a prayer

I say one day

(I know) you’ll/we’ll come back even strong-er

This may be bigger than us all

But that doesn’t make us small


We do what we can

Feels good to give of ourselves

We do what we can

So we can live with ourselves

We do what we can









San Francisco

New Zealand





What we can…(repeat and out)


At STAND WITH JAPAN, guests were gifted Happyflowers made of origami. Since the day of the earthquake, our friend Satomi stayed up every night, making more than 400 of them for the event.  She was teaching English at a school in Tokyo when the earthquake struck.  "Protecting the children was the only thing on my mind" she says. We are so happy Satomi was able to join us at the concert to share her beautiful work with the audience.

Satomi's message:

When I heard about STAND WITH JAPAN, I wanted to do something too. I was convinced that there was a reason this event was taking place during my stay in New York.  This is not the first time I've made these "invigorating flowers".  Several years ago, I arrived in New York with a bouquet of Happyflowers for the children in hospitals.  This time, I used origami paper to symbolize Japan. I hope these Happyflowers will remind the guests  about Japan, and its people. My role is to bring home the love and empathy I felt from the artists and the guests that night. Your wonderful messages will turn into big smiles and powerful encouragement for the people in Japan to stand strong.

The beautiful Satomi, holding Happyflowers!

Canvas for Japan

At the concert, the guests were welcomed by vibrant paintings hanging from the auditorium. These beautiful pieces were made by Rie Nishimura, a performance artists who has been a good friend of the HappyDoll team.

" Our Country, Japan"  is now hanging in our HappyDoll office. THANK YOU, Rie!

Message from Rie:

It was so moving to see the artists and the audience come together to share a very special moment.  I was very thrilled that my painting could be a part of that wonderful evening. The theme of the paintings were "Our Country, Japan" and "Love & Peace".  Japan is blessed with the vast sea, beautiful nature, and warm people; I wanted to express that. I hope with all my heart for the fast recovery of Japan, and continue to pray for peaceful lives for the victims.

Rie is currently working on a project called "CANVAS FOR JAPAN", a collection of messages for the Japanese people. Find her and participate at Columbus Circle! http://www.relaying.org/canvas/index.html For more information about Rie: http://www.rienishimura.com/index.html