Happy Children's Day!

Remember how we celebrated Girls' Day (Hina Matsuri) on 3/3? Today 5/5 is Children's Day in Japan!! Originally "Boys' Day", now the holiday has  become a day where we celebrate the growth and happiness of all children by raising carp-shaped "koinobori" flags outside. The carp symbolizes health and prosperity of children which derived from an ancient Chinese myth of a carp who turned into a dragon by swimming upstream.

A traditional "Koinobori"

Our version: "HappyDoll Koinobori"

MSTERIO staff members with their Koinobori

On this beautiful day, a very exciting event called "Happy Koriyama Kids Fiesta" was carried out in the evacuation center in Fukushima.   The staff members of MSTERIO, a summer camp run by our executive director Nozomi, hosted a booth called "Let's Have Fun".

Since the earthquake, the children have been cooped up in the evacuation center, unable to play outside under the sun like they used to.  The goal of this event was to entertain the children and to provide a space where they can take their minds off of the disaster and truly enjoy themselves.

The children received 100 HappyDolls from North Carolina, enjoyed indoor games, body percussions, and art and crafts time where they made koinoboris and cutouts of children holding hands.

Indoor Games

Body Percussion

Story Time

Arts and Crafts

We hope the children were able to forget about their worries (even for a bit) and JUST HAVE FUN!!