HappyDoll Letters from North Carolina!

It was right after the earthquake in Japan when we received an email from Ms. Tracey, the 2nd grade teacher and Service Learning Leader at Archer Elementary School.

In the email, Ms. Tracey wrote:

"My 7 and 8 year olds had tears in their eyes watching footage of Japan's tradegy. They pleaded for us to send the money raised for a Vietnam garden project and reallocate them to an organization that directly effects the hearts of children in Japan. When I shared the article about HappyDoll with them, they pretty much had decided that they can do this and they want to make as many as they can! "

2 weeks later, we received these wonderful HAPPYDOLL PILLOWS along with beautiful letters her students had written for the children at the evacuation centers in Japan.

"My 7 and 8 year olds thought that many of these children don't have a soft loving place to rest their heads at night or to hold on to something when they are scared, so we came up with "Happy Doll Pillows".  One student shared how they want to send smiles and a soft safe place to sleep."

These HappyDoll Pillows are NOW TRAVELING...Come back to see WHO received them!