KIDSUNA~Global Kids Connect~

HappyDoll has embarked on a new project called "KIDSUNA" (絆 "bond" in Japanese)!

This all goes back to the STAND WITH JAPAN concert, where we met a faculty from Columbia University who is respected for her psychological first aid after the bombings in Jerusalem, SARS in China and 9/11.  As the representative to the United Nations, she has visited Haiti many times to support the victims of the tsunami.  Seeing our efforts to support the children in Japan, the Doctor has extended an invitation to HappyDoll to collaborate with her on the next Haiti Project.

SO what is KIDSUNA?

We will be using HappyDoll to connect the children of Japan, U.S. and Haiti! Each group of children from these countries will create their HappyDolls full of messages of hope to send to the other two countries.

The kids in Japan have already started....!

Here are some pictures from KIDSUNA PROJECT ~1st session~! There will be two more sessions coming up in Japan!

The HappyDolls made by Children at the Public Children's Center in Tokyo


Check back for pictures of HappyDolls in NY and Haiti!