Let Us Remember

On Memorial Day,  we reflected upon the men and women who gave their lives to preserve freedom for America.

Today, we invite you to reflect upon a difference you may have made on someone's life.

This video of STAND WITH JAPAN will take you back to that magical night when we all came together for the lost lives the survivors in Japan.


THANK YOU once again to the musicians, volunteers, staffs and wonderful friends and supporters of HappyDoll.   The total amount of $36,000 raised that night have been donated to SAVE THE CHILDREN. 


Nao's sister recently visited Ishinomaki in Miyagi prefecture as a volunteer to clean out the toxic sludge.  Although Ishinomaki is said to be the fastest areas to recover,  the streets are still filled with rubble and debris which were once personal possessions.  According to experts, it will take at least 1-2 years to clear out this district.
June 11th will mark 3 months since this tragic disaster.  Let us remember the precious lives lost and those who continue to struggle today.
SAVE THE CHILDREN is still accepting donations!