KIDSUNA~Global Kids Connect~North Carolina


ANSWER: That's right! They were inspired by the pictures of the HappyDolls from Japan!

"WHO are these creative children?" You may ask.  They are kids from the  Archer Elementary School and Guilford Elementary Schoolin NORTH CAROLINA!  100 HappyDolls made by them have arrived in New York for The KIDSUNA絆 Project!

We have been good friends with Ms. Tracey every since her and her children sent us the HappyDoll Pillows for the children in evacuation centers in Japan. Once again, her good friend Ms. Cayla from Guilford Elementary School and her class have joined forces to send more happiness and love by participating in the  The KIDSUNA絆 Project!

The goal of this project is to connect the children of Japan, U.S. and Haiti. Each group of children will create their HappyDolls full of messages of hope and encouragement to send to the other two countries. The HappyDolls will travel on behalf of the kids with their messages, connecting the children and creating a "bond", a "kidsuna" as we say in Japanese.

HappyDolls from North Carolina at the steps of the LINCOLN CENTER

WOW!so beautiful!

In the enclosed letter, Ms. Tracey wrote:

"Because of our new bond, I had so many requests by my friends and teachers to take the HappyDolls home to make with their own children as a special project! My students' sharing of your project has touched so many hearts."  Ms. Tracey has expanded the HappyDoll project beyond the classroom and shared it with many other friends in a truly meaningful way.

Cuddleme Doll, Strawberry and Spirit

"This HappyDoll family was created by Ms. Tracey's Service Learning coach Ms. Theresa, her son and his grandfather. This shows how the project brought her family closer and the experience for her son was incredible knowing his HappyDoll will be helping a child in Haiti or Japan!"

Belle & Marke by Shellie and her son Cory. Marke has a skateboard!!

The two HappyDolls above were done by Ms. Tracey's close friend, Shellie, and her son to represent life.  Shellie is a breast cancer survivor.  While Shellie and her son made these HappyDolls, they  talked about how "these dolls are not only a celebration of sharing 1 more year of life, but also sharing her strength and love to others who may have lost a loved one or may still be struggling to rebuild their lives."

These HappyDolls made for the KIDSUNA Project will be traveling to Haiti on JULY 2nd for the GLOBAL KIDS CONNECT, an event that will take place in Port-au-prince to promote peace. We'll write more about the event in our following posts!

We would like to send a special thank you to Ms. Tracey and Ms. Cayla for organizing this project in such a limited amount of time. We are blown away by your children's talent and creativity but most of all, by their compassion and love for others. We send BIG THANKS to every single one of our friends who participated in this KIDSUNA project in North Carolina. We will make sure to pass your messages to the children in Japan and Haiti!