Every Penny Counts!

A mysterious envelope arrived at the HappyDoll Office...

We love your HappyDolls!

Nothing can stop the kids in North Carolina from surprising us!! Our friend Ms. Tracey and her second grade students sent us a mysterious envelope.

We were blown away by her thoughtful letter and  a crisp yellow check signed by Ms. Tracey herself...

According to Ms. Tracey, after making their HappyDolls, the children decided to donate the money collected for their PENNY DRIVE toHAPPYDOLL!  The children separated the coins and counted all the pennies themselves.

"It was an amazing sight to see."says Tracey in her email. "Not only were they applying their math calculating skills, they knew exactly where the check was going to and want to do another drive next year, even if they are in 3rd grade!"

So, are you curious how much the total amount of the penny drive came out to? Drumroll, please!   The total amount was....drrrrrrrrrrr $48!!! 

This donation proves that EVERYONE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. With this money, we will be able to send other children facing hardships HappyDoll kits to remind them that they are not alone.

EVERY PENNY COUNTS! Thank you to the second grade children at Archer Elementary School for living out this important message.

You all inspire us in so many ways.