HappyDoll Kit DEBUT!

This month, HappyDoll organized 2 fundraising events for our close friends! Our goal was to connect our friends and share a meaningful time together.

We served delicious Korean meal followed by a screening of a touching Korean movie about a mother who must part with her child after raising him for a year in a prison cell. BUT that WASN'T all...

We had a little SURPRISE in store for our guests...


For those of you who could not attend the fundraiser, today is your lucky day because we will share a picture of our brand new HappyDoll kit here:

So how does it work?

With a donation:

1. Children create their HappyDolls by using the sharpie and putting their creative caps on.

2. If they want the HappyDoll to travel, they can send it back to our office and we will make sure to send it to someone who will take good care of it!

3. The HappyDolls have ID#s which the children can use to track where their doll has traveled!

We gave out these HappyDoll Kits as souvenirs for our friends who came to support the event.

Are you curious to know how successful the event was?  The total amount raised from these events reached $1,045!!

This contribution will be used to help the children make their HappyDolls travel all around the world.

THANK YOU to our friends for showing your support. We hope you enjoyed the fundraiser and hope to see all of you again at our next event!