WE LOVE our HAPPYDOLL Office. With three large windows and bookshelves full of HappyDolls from around the world, our office is bright and colorful. However, the best part of our office is the cosiness. How cosy? If we wanted to, the three of us could probably reach out and hold hands while sitting at our office desks. Okay, okay. A little exaggeration there, but the point is, it's a SMALL office. YESTERDAY, we had over 24 people in this cosy space for an hour and a half. More then half of them were press related guests who were here to attend the HappyDoll Press Conference for the Kidsuna絆~Global Kids Connect~Project in Haiti!

FULL HOUSE in the HappyDoll office!

In order to show our guests what HappyDoll is, we invited 5 children representing the U.S., JAPAN and HAITI to demonstrate "how to make a HappyDoll"!

Brianna and Dailla are Haitian! Brianna's HappyDoll is called "Moe Camell" and Dailla's is "Bel" meaning beautiful in CREOLE(the language used in Haiti)!

Mocha and Cocoa have been best friends since they were babies!

The press members also got a sneak preview of what the Haiti Project will look like on July 2nd, as Dr. Judy and her friends presented parts of the songs and dances which will be performed at the event!

The full report of the event will be posted after July4th so stay tuned!