Wish Upon a Star

On 7.7(July 7th) many people gaze romantically into the night sky in Japan, trying to find a pair of stars. We call this day "Tanabata", or the "Evening of the 7th". According to an old Chinese legend, the two stars (Altair and Vega) are a couple madly in love, separated by the milky way as a punishment for neglecting their jobs for their love affair.  Only once a year, on the night of July 7th, the two stars Altair(Hikoboshi) and Vega(Orihime) are allowed to cross the milky way (Amanogawa, or the "sky river") for a romantic annual randez-vous. We wanted to share this special day with our wonderful volunteer members, who made the Kidsuna 絆 Global Kids Connect Projectpossible by helping us create the HappyDolls!


























We followed the tradition and celebrated the occasion by writing our wishes on colorful cards and hanging them onto bamboo branches (well in this case, and orchid) . It's almost like a summer Christmas Tree!

Thank you again to all of our wonderful HappyDoll volunteer friends! YOU have made it possible for 300 children to exchange 300 HappyDolls across the U.S., Japan and Haiti!