Sparadise ~HappyDoll Summer Vacation~

It's baking in NYC!

Last week, temperature hit 104 degrees. People were desperately fighting the Heatpocalypse with minimum apparel  and  gelato trucks, but it was still  hot enough to cook eggs on the streets.

At the HappyDoll office, we try our best to be environmentally friendly by only using the AC when the heat is unbearable.  That day was definitely an exception! Just when we were reaching for the "magic button" to turn the AC on, we got a knock on the door.  What could it be!?

It's the "SPA machine" we've been waiting for!

So what does this fantastic machine do exactly?

This little guy here is a chemical-free, ecologically sound multipurpose sanitizer! Using a combination of silver, ozone and naturally occurring antibiotic substances, this machine bombards bacteria and eradicates harmful microbes in a couple of minutes. No soap, no liquid involved!

sorta looks like tanning doesn't it?

All the HappyDolls have to do, is to lie in this machine and enjoy the blue light shining on their bodies. After 8 minutes, they come out odorless and bacteria-less!

All of our HappyDolls will be going through this spa-session called "Sparadise" before their travels to make sure they are clean and lovely when they meet their new friends.

So, while people are sweating on the hot city streets,  our lucky HappyDolls will be enjoying themselves and unwinding in SPARADISE for a  head-to-toe summer tune during our  break! We'll return on the week of Aug 15th all recharged and ready to roll so stay tuned and HAVE A FANTASTIC SUMMER!