Looks like hurricane Irene brought Ms. Autumn along with her! It's the last day of August and summer is almost over. What does this mean? It's time for HappyDoll to get rolling again!

To kick off our fall HappyDoll session, we visited two schools:

JCC (Jewish Community Center) in Manhattan Summer Program AND  Rutgers Presbyterian Church    

In this modern building, the JCC offers many activity programs for children of all ages. We were invited to work with the autistic children participating in the special needs program called Kulam, which offers classes in music therapy, socialization, cooking, photography, theater, fitness and art.

Although the kids seemed a little nervous at first, rocking back and forth in their seats as we explained the concept of HappyDoll, they were eager to start designing their own once they understood. We were amazed to see that many of them finished their HappyDolls within 20 minutes! These children had so much concentration and determination.  After creating their dolls, the kids drew a portrait of them to keep something to remember about their HappyDolls. It's too bad we can't share pictures of the children with you; they were truly enjoying themselves! However, we DO have permission to show you the HappyDolls created by these children:

This doll was created by a boy named Jasir, who loves rock n' roll!  He made a HappyDoll with a mohawk just like himself...Do you see what he wrote on the shirt? It says "Lift Shirt".

When you follow the instruction....

A beautiful drawing of guitars and a rock sign appear!! What a genius idea...
PizzaMuffin by James...We LOVE that name!
Sarah by Sarah
Dolly by Emma
Sophie Doll by Sophie
Zoe by Noa
Benji by Benji
Doll by Harry
HappyDoll by Zachary.
Zach wrote his name in Japanese so the kids in Japan will be able to read it!
Where will they travel to?...You'll find out soon!
I guess we'll have to save the session at Reutgers Church for another time. Stay tuned because we're ready to meet more children and make more HappyDolls travel the world!