Back to School!

Dylan, Mariah and Charles with their HappyDolls

BACK TO SCHOOL--Summer is officially over!  Seeing the kids walking on the streets today, some kids were clearly excited, waving their spiderman backpacks and skipping as their parents lead them to school. Others were less enthusiastic--yawning and scratching their sleepy eyes as if they already missed the sunny old days when they could sleep-in and watch Spongebob all day.

In our last blog entry, we left you hanging with just one HappyDoll Session. Here's the second session with the lovely children of Rutgers Presbyterian Church!

When we explained to the children that these HappyDolls would travel to children in Fukushima where the earthquake had hit, the children listened silently.  However, as soon as the HappyDoll Session started, they were quick to get to their seats and started making their HappyDolls with excitement in their eyes and big smiles on their faces.

Two friends, Dylan and Charles, making Happy Ninja Dolls

"My Happy Ninja has a happy sword," Charles says. "When it touches people, it makes them happy."  Hearing what Chritstian's ninja can do, Dylan followed quickly, "Well, mine does a happy jump that makes everyone happy and jump around!"

You'll never guess what John called his HappyDoll....Give up? "EYE BALL!" he says, "because he doesn't have any." How beautiful is that?

Nicole on the right named her HappyDoll Julia and wrote a message on the back:

"I hope you enjoy this doll as much as I enjoyed making it. Remember, Julia loves you a lot. She wants to make you really happy"-Nicole

When we asked her what inspired her to make such a lovely doll, she answered, "I just want to make other kids happy because that makes me really happy."

These children were inspiring...As schools open their gates for the beginning of the new school year, we just can't hold our excitement thinking about the children we'll meet next!

Hold your breaths for more beautiful HappyDolls!