Love, New York

The HappyDolls made by children from JCC, Rutgers Presbyterian Church and schools in North Carolina (Archer Elementary School and Guilford Elementary ) have left New York!! Before leaving the big apple, they decided to take one last tour of the city.

The tour guide is Satomi who visited New York just in time from Toronto! Do you remember her? She was the artist who made the HappyFlowers for our charity concert back in March called Stand With Japan.

Here are the pictures--!

Our HappyDoll member Yasuko and our friend Shiho will be HappyDoll ambassadors, delivering these HappyDolls to schools in Sendai, an area which was greatly effected by the earthquake and tsunami in March.  Hope these HappyDolls will put a smile on the kids' faces...More news to come from these group of traveling dolls!

On a different note, visited St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital to deliver HappyDolls made by children in Haiti.  Here, we participated in their Back-To-School Event and had another HappyDoll Session with Global Kids Connect.

Wonder where they'll be going next! Stay tuned for more exciting HappyDoll news:)