I'm ready to shine!

"The world awaits the gift that you alone have come to give." This beautiful phrase was written by Gina Otto in our copy of "Cassandra's Angel" at her book signing this week.

The lovely Gina Otto holding her inspiring book, "Cassandra's Angel", at Scribble Press

"Cassandra's Angel" is an award-winning children's book about a young girl who discovers the strength to believe in herself and the endless possibility of a bright future.  We had the pleasure of meeting the lovely author, Gina Otto, who wears MANY hats. Besides being an award-winning author of children's books, she is an international speaker, producer, social entrepreneur, AND an avid children’s advocate.

After working in the film industry, Gina realized that she wanted to tell a different story to the audience; the true story that empowers young girls.

Since then, she has founded Gina's Ink not only to engage, educate and  empower young girls and women but also give them a voice and ignite the possibility of a brighter future.

"We are given stories--from our parents, our teachers and the media--about who we should be," she said in an interview. "Cassandra's Angel is about dropping those stories"

Gina will be going on a bus tour traveling across 20 cities in 20 weeks to promote her movement called Change My World Now Initiative  The slogan is "I'm  a bright light", which is also the protagonist's revelation in her book. We're confident this will be a powerful movement that inspires millions of young girls across the county.

Now let us talk about SCRIBBLE PRESS. This is a wonderful venue that allows children to unleash their creativity to design and publish their own books and calendars! 

We are excited to tell you that HappyDoll will be collaborating with Scribble Press in November for a creative event for kids, friends and their families!

More details to come so KEEP YOUR EYES AND EARS WIDE OPEN:)

We began this story with Gina's beautiful words and it would only be appropriate to end with another one of her inspiring remarks:

"No one's opinion is more true than the truth within your own heart."