Voices from Tohoku

The KIDSUNA PROJECT which connects kids in Haiti, Japan and U.S. is finally complete!

The children in Fukushima show their new HappyDolls! Many thanks to our HappyDoll ambassador, AK (right)!

We received a wonderful picture from our friend and HappyDoll ambassador, AK, who visited the devastated TOHOKU area in Japan.  She traveled from Miyagi prefecture to Fukushima, visiting 5 different kindergartens and nurseries to deliver the HappyDolls  made by the kids in U.S. and Haiti.

AK is a Japanese singer, songwriter and producer who now resides in New York. After the earthquake, she launched JP GIRLS in NYC with her friends to provide a network for Japanese women in New York who want to support the relief work in Japan. Their theme is SAVE JAPAN WITH YOUR LOVE.  In August, they worked with a community group called Fellowship for Japan  to host a Candle Lighting Ceremony in Brooklyn to pray for the victim's souls and wish for Japan's recovery.

Members gather for the Candle Lighting Ceremony in Brooklyn (photo by Canna Sasa) 

Only a few weeks since her return to New York, she is already working on a new project. Acting as a messenger for the people of Tohoku, AK is hosting an event called  "VOICES from TOHOKU" this Monday to deliver the real voices of the victims six months after the earthquake.  Where are the children living? What problems are the mothers faced with in Fukushima? How are the families of victims holding up? These are some questions that she will attempt to answer.  Also, there will be a live interview with the Dr.Kanno from Miyagi who was selected as Time magazine's 100 most influential people in the world.

What can the people in New York do to continue supporting the Japan relief today? If you can't answer the question, this event is bound to give you some clues!


DATE: 10/17/11(MON) 

TIME: 6PM Open. 6:30 Start-8:30PM

LOCATION: NY NIKKEIJIN NO KAI (JAA) 15 West 44th Street 11th Fl (between 5th&6th Ave)


100% of the proceeds will be donated to Miyagi Prefecture Children's Scholarship Fund

**This event will be in JAPANESE LANGUAGE ONLY

Before you go, we want to share MORE PICTURES with you! Here are some Japanese kids who received the HappyDolls:



Mirai! This boy from a foster house in Tokyo is playing the piano for his  HappyDoll/ On the right, Koko poses with her new friend!

Odin(above) wrote a letter to his HappyDoll friend, Cayo from Haiti, saying "Thank you".