HappyDoll Returns to JCC

Do you remember our visit to JCC (Jewish Community Center) in Manhattan  back in August? We worked with the autistic children who were attending the Summer Program there.

This time, we were asked to come back to meet more children participating in the After-school Program.

We reunited with James, one of the boys we met at JCC back in the summer! He had made a HappyDoll called "PizzaMuffin".

This HappyDoll has already traveled to another child. Where is this doll now?

The answer is: SENDAI. Do you remember our HappyDoll ambassadors traveling to the devastated areas in Tohoku? 

"PizzaMuffin" was one of those dolls that traveled with them! Now he's in Japan, reminding a child  who experienced the earthquake that James is thinking of him. GREAT JOB, JAMES!

Maybe in his arms? Maybe by his bed?  James, we hope "PizzaMuffin" is making your friend smile:)

PizzaMuffin by James

This time, James made a Power Ranger HappyDoll called MIKE! (He named it after the green power ranger on TV.)

Power Rangers were definitely all the rage at JCC!

Check out Alice's reversible HappyDoll!!

Peach by Natalie!

Emily made "Hip Britanie" who's wearing a hippy costume she plans to wear for Halloween!

She wrote a heartwarming message on the back too:

"I hope you enjoy your doll let's hope you get more nice toys. Well play play play play with this doll have fun."

We love OLIVIA's outfit, Avery!!

Here are the ones the younger created:)

WE LOVE THE COLORS. Thanks @JCC for working with us again.
 We’re thrilled to have made a strong bond with you and  your wonderfully artistic children!
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