HappyDoll Stuffing Party!

HappyDoll Volunteer Team (living room crew):

(from left)Miki, Nozo from HappyDoll, Taeco, Tomiko, Tsune, Eri and Akiko

Those of you who follow us on facebook (hint, hint) may have recently seen some interesting photos of HappyDoll Volunteers, huddled around a mountain of cottons and blank HappyDolls.

Sorry you missed the HappyDoll Stuffing Session? Well, watch this video and you can FEEL like you participated:


Last week, our fellow HappyDoll Volunteer Team gathered together to "breath life into" the blank dolls using cotton balls, needles and threads.  Our goal was to make 70 blank HappyDolls for the upcoming HappyDoll session with children affected by domestic violence.

One of our Volunteer member, Marianna Rosett, is an improvisational pianist.  (If you recall, she also performed at our STAND WITH JAPAN concert!)

As the team stuffed and conversed, Marianna quietly approached piano, and started playing a beautiful improvisational piece for HappyDoll!!

We wanted to share the wonderful performance with you, so here's a little snippet of the magical piece:


Ami and Jae!

Eri & Akiko!    Janna & Erin!

 Makoto, Keiko and Hikaru!

Miki, the hatter! Check out her AMAZING work: www.mikikatagiri.com

Marianna &Kazushi                   Keiko & Hikaru

Jae, Yukiyo & Makoto!

It was a great opportunity for our volunteer team to get to know one another !

With the help of  Marianna's live performance, the team made the initial goal of  70 HappyDolls AND an additional 25, which came out to be 95 HappyDolls in one night!! Unbelievable team work. 

We are so grateful that our HappyDolls are created by warm and inspiring people.  On the other hand, with the increase in the number of HappyDoll Session requests, we are now looking into a factory or an organization that may be interested in working with us.  If you have suggestions or ideas, please let us know at info@happydoll.org!