Hyped for Happy Scribble!

Hope you had a wonderful and restful weekend to ready yourself for another exciting week!
Our lovely HappyDoll Volunteer Ladies (Sarah, Barbara, Lynne and Amy)
As more RSVP emails roll in, we are getting hyped  for our first public event this weekend called Happy Scribble.
On Saturday, kids will have an opportunity to design their own HappyDolls for a $20 donation and we will help them (if they want) send it to another friend somewhere in the world to cheer them up.
It's a kids event, but everyone is welcome to donate and receive a HappyDoll kit! It's a perfect children's gift for the holiday season:)
Last week, our amazing HappyDoll Volunteer Team got together for more stuffing sessions to prepare for the upcoming event!  We made 163 HappyDolls in 2 days with the help of 22 volunteers!  This time around, it wasn't just an ordinary 2 day stuffing session, we also celebrated TWO birthdays!
Happy Birthday ( or should we say HappyDoll Birthday?) to Amy and Lynne! We hope you have a wonderful year!
Our friend Makoto brought her son, Banzan, who is now 4 months old! He is one charismatic boy...All the women were all over him:)
Keiko, Yukiyo and our two new members, Asako and Hisako! Welcome to HappyDoll:)
Miki with her "HappyDoll boyfriend"
Kazushi and Tsune stuff away...
Nozomi & Banzan:)
"Yummy!!!" Hikaru, Sumika and Yuka
Noriko and Banzan. Can you BELIEVE she's a grandmother?!
Lovely cookies made by Lynne! They're not just beautiful, they taste delicious too...!
We're hoping that all of the laughters,smiles and thoughts got absorbed in the fluffy white mountain of cotton, and arrive in the arms of the children who will receive these HappyDolls.
Marianna played a beautiful lullaby for Banzan!

After stuffing and sewing a mountain of HappyDolls, it was time to stuff our faces. Delicious spaghetti and pizza for everyone!

Thanks again to our reliable, dedicated and fun HappyDoll Volunteer Team!
As much as we would love to keep holding these volunteer events, due to the increase in the number of HappyDoll Session requests, we are also currently looking into a factory or an organization that may be interested in working with us.  If you have suggestions or ideas, please let us know at info@happydoll.org!