HappyDoll Birthday Party!

Thanksgiving is over...but the celebration continues!!

Last month, HappyDoll was invited to attend a birthday party at "ELOISE at the Plaza" We had the honor of celebrating our little friend's 8th birthday with 20 of her friends.

In the Eloise Party room, the birthday girl and her friends sat down in their pink chairs and designed their one-and-only Birthday HappyDolls!  Where will it go and what will it see?

We are all used to receiving gifts on our birthdays, but it makes it especially meaningful for these kids to come together and lean to GIVE on this special day.
These beautiful HappyDolls created at this party may turn into a birthday gift and travel into the arms of children in need!
If you would like to invite HappyDoll to your birthday party, contact us at info@happydoll.org!
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