Back to ABC!

Do you remember HappyDoll's session at ABC ?
Last month, we had our first session with 10 children from the ABC after-school program which turned out be such a huge success that they invited AGAIN to return for another fun session...This time, to work with a bigger group of 19 kids!
With more children this time, we worked with two different groups.
For this visit, we had a new group of HappyDoll Volunteers who were eager to meet the children at ABC! Our friends from the HappyDoll Stuffing Team, Yukiyo, Keiko, Hikaru and Yuka joined us along with our new friend, Shotaro. Oh, and of course our reliable HappyDoll volunteer leader and actor, Erin was there to inspire the whole team!
After we learned about where the U.S. was located on the globe, we talked about where we want the HappyDolls to travel... When we asked the kids "Where are we from?" one child answered, "We're all from the same earth!"
The kids were excited to make their dolls but once they sat at the tables, the room fell quiet and all the kids were engrossed in creating their HappyDolls.
The second group of kids had just woken up from their naps, entering the classroom with sleepy eyes.  Seeing this as a perfect opportunity to lead the kids to her workshop, Erin introduced the kids to Yoga and we all took deep breaths together while imagining what our HappyDolls would look like.
"Can my doll have yellow eyes?" a child would ask, and Erin would answer, "Your dolls can have any color eyes you want!"
"I think this HappyDoll should have orange arms..."
All the kids are VERY serious when it comes down to HappyDoll making.
Once they're done, it's time to play!
 Now it's time to wish our HappyDolls good luck and send them off to their next destination...The kids went wild for the Bon Voyage Ceremony!
GOOD BYE HAPPYDOLLS! Travel safe and go make someone happy:)
Here are some comments from our beloved HappyDoll volunteers:
"I was so impressed by the creativity of all the kids and their vast imagination. Some of the children spoke to one another, and decided that their HappyDolls were siblings and even named them together.  They reminded me of how much fun it can be to imagine a story. It was such an inspiring experience to hear them try to explain their world to me using their HappyDolls"
"I especially enjoyed the last part, when we sang 'If you're happy and you know it'. It  was really fun and the children were so into it! Maybe the children would enjoy singing a HappyDoll theme song?" -Hikaru
"We contributed by making the blank dolls before, but it was such a fulfilling experience to actually see the kids use the dolls as canvases to express their imagination. Each child had a unique idea and concept for their HappyDolls with such genuine empathy."
"I was blown away by their focus and how serious these kids were in making the HappyDolls. One boy especially made an impression on me; He didn't speak much, but you could tell he was really putting effort in thinking about the doll and enjoying his time creating them. When they hugged me at the end and said 'Thank you', I just wanted to say 'Thank YOU for sharing such a special time with us.'" --Keiko
"Honestly, I was a little bit overwhelmed by the kids at first, but once they really got into making the dolls, it was fun to watch them and talk to them. They kept asking me to take pictures of them with their HappyDolls." --Shotaro

This was our second time at ABC and we hope the kids got to explore their creativity and enjoy "giving" to other kids around the world! Many thanks to ABC for having us for the SECOND time and we look forward to seeing you again soon:)

Are you curious WHERE these HappyDolls will be traveling? CHECK BACK for updates:)