Happy Honduras!

We have some great news to share before the end of the year! Have you heard of Students Helping Honduras

It's a non-profit organization founded by Cosmo Fujiyama and her brother to support young leaders to empower the orphaned and vulnerable children in Honduras.

The Fuijyama siblings were still in college when they embarked on their first trip abroad in 2004, which changed their lives. Seeing the poverty in Honduras, 2 years later, the two established the non-profit organization to support the orphanages, schools and communities in the country.  Since then, SHH has become one of the leading non-profits engaging in projects throughout all of Honduras and providing volunteer opportunities to students in the States.

Cosmo (right), was a student at the College of William and Mary when she founded SHH

Cosmo, who quickly became a friend of HappyDoll the moment we met, has offered to be our Honduras HappyDoll ambassador! This means, our HappyDolls will be traveling to Honduras!! Stay tuned till Cosmo returns with exciting news from the sunny side of the globe!

On another note, Scribble Press, where we had our first public HappyDoll event, also has some news to share! They've launched "Scribble Press for iPad", which allows the kids to create their own one-and-only picture book with a few taps and scribbles! Be sure to check out this wonderful app. It's bound to be a huge hit for the kids:)  Click on the link to learn more and purchase the app!

Well, thanks for reading our HappyDoll blog this year and supporting us through our launch!  We hope you have a Happy New Year and we can't wait to see you again in 2012!