Happy New Years!

Happy New Years from HappyDoll! Thanks again for a wonderful year last year. We're now ready to make 2012 ,the year of the dragon (according to the Chinese zodiac), just as exciting and eventful! So gear up folks for another fun year together...!

Barbara, President of CandelLightersNYC, and Ila Jean smile together with HappyDolls

Do you remember our HappyDoll session ("What Does the Gold Ribbon Stand For?")   with the CandleLightersNYC back in September? 

For Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we made HappyDolls with five families and their children battling cancer from CandleLightersNYC! It was on this day that we met a very special girl called  Ila Jean.

When we met Ila for the first time, we were blown away by her creativity and passion for art.  She sat at the table very quietly, carefully selecting the colored pens which she would use to "breath life into" the blank HappyDolls.

Ila Jean was diagnosed with stage IV Neuroblastoma in August 2006.  Since then, she has been battling the disease for 6 years, enduring tough treatments and multiple surgeries. When HappyDoll met Ila, it was a couple months after she had fought through her first relapse in May.

Unfortunately, we found out that Ila has relapsed yet again with a new tumor in December. However, she is fighting back with inspiring energy and spirit.  Her beauty shines right through no matter what the side-effects of the treatment may be.

To let her know that she is not alone, HappyDoll has decided to send her a little gift...wrapped in AK's Fukushima “えがお Smile” Wrapping Paper

What's inside? 

Ila, this HappyDoll, named Haley made by Rebeccais on its way to make you SMILE! 

We really hope you like her...!

You can read more about Ila and send her messages through her website!

(Caring Bridge is a great service! It connects people experiencing a health challenge to family and friends  by providing them  with free personal and private websites.)

Keep checking back because...we are expecting GREAT NEWS FROM ABROAD....!