HappyDoll x Morgan Stanley

Do you remember our good friend Amy who helped us stuff HappyDolls back in November? 

Last Friday, she has organized a HappyDoll Volunteer Session at her company, Morgan Stanley.


Morgan Stanley encourages their employees to participate in various volunteer activities to give back to the community.   Thanks to Amy, HappyDoll was invited by the company for one of their volunteer hours.


We were able to make 70 blank dolls during the 3 hour session.  The best part is that everyone is welcome to join and leave whenever they want to.


Many of the volunteers said that this was a great idea because...

1. It's a great opportunity to MEET PEOPLE!

At big companies like Morgan Stanley, people rarely get a chance to meet others from different departments. Since these sessions are open to anyone who can drop-in, it turned out to be an excellent opportunity to talk to people and make new friends.

2. It's a RELAXING moment away from stress

We have gotten similar comments before, but it's been confirmed; HappyDoll-Making is therapeutic. The simple task of stuffing the white muslin dolls as you chat with others becomes a "great break from work where you can let your mind rest".

3. It's EXCITING to think about the HappyDoll's journey

We offer the HappyDolls to children to decorate and design.  However, we had been searching for a way to engage adults and other members of the community as well.

Having adults help us with the stuffing of the HappyDolls is a perfect way for them to become part of a HappyDoll's journey! "Where will it go?" "Who will it meet?"

The feeling that these HappyDolls will one day reach children all over the world to make them smile is truly a fulfilling and exciting feeling!

Through this session we discovered something very important. HappyDolls will not only connect children around the world, but also strengthen a feeling of community amongst adults by having them join us in the process.

We would like to thank the Morgan Stanley Volunteer Program, and especially AMY for organizing this event. Thanks to her, our HappyDoll Volunteer session will be an official program at Morgan Stanely, holding monthly stuffing sessions starting February!

If you, your community or your company is interested in a HappyDoll volunteer session, we'd love to hear from you! We've got lots more HappyDolls to make for our upcoming events:)