HappyDoll Activity Summary: End of December - January 2012

Here's a short and sweet summary of our activity from the end of month in December to the month of January!
# of HappyDolls Traveled:
-to Honduras: 70
-to Ila Jean: 1
-------------------------------------------------------TOTAL: 71 HappyDolls 

#of HappyDolls Received @the office:

-from Honduras: 63

-received at the HappyDoll Office: 4

-------------------------------------------------------TOTAL: 67 HappyDolls 

-------------------------------------------------------YTD: Made by children: 634  Dolls traveled: 471


Our HappyDoll ambassador Cosmo from SHH (Students Helping Honduras) took 70 HappyDolls to the kids in Honduras at the end of December. We'll have updates for this project coming soon!

Ila Jean

Ila is our friend who we met through a HappyDoll session with CandleLighters NYC.  She has been battling cancer for 6 years, enduring tough treatments and multiple surgeries.  After finding out that she unfortunately relapsed with a new tumor in December, we sent her a HappyDoll to let her know we are thinking of her.

"Hayley" made by Rebecca in Pennsylvania

Message: "I hope this doll makes you feel better. I know you have gone through a lot. I hope you get better soon!!"


- 1/20 &1/21 Screening of "Drive Me to the Sea" 

Total attendees at 3 venues: 550

-1/20 Morgan Stanley Volunteer Stuffing Session

70 HappyDolls stuffed by 11 Morgan Stanley employees
This month, we had 18 volunteers help us make blank HappyDolls.
Stay tuned because we have more HappyDolls traveling next month!
If you know of companies and organizations that would like to volunteer with us, please get in touch.   We also bring fun to birthday parties, baby showers and school fundraisers so spread the word!