ABC x InViolet Trio

ERIN & SAM are back for our HappyDoll Session at ABC:) This time the golden pair has brought with them a new and powerful team mate, MELANIE!

She is the founder of InViolet Rep, the theater company run by a powerhouse of actors here in New York.  Erin and Sam are both members of the repertoire, which will be hosting their 5th Annual Benefit Bash this Sunday! (click the link to RSVP and you're in!)

For this session we worked with two groups of 10kids ages 3~4 years-old. Since the kids were younger than those who we've worked with in the past, we had the MOMS joined us as well!

After introducing ourselves and talking about the HappyDoll concept, the InViolet trio asked the kids to sit in a circle and close their eyes.  "What does your HappyDoll look like?" "What does it like to eat?" Erin asks in her soothing yoga voice.

The kids sat with their eyes tightly shut, it was almost as if we could hear them thinking.
One boy, Joshua, was crying as he entered the classroom in a stroller.  Nervous and afraid to see so many unfamiliar faces, he wept as his mother tried to  to rip him of her legs.  However, once we started decorating the dolls, it was like magic.  He stopped crying and before you know it,  he began to smile!

THIS is that boy.  All smiles and joy here, but believe us, it wasn't like this at first! The moment we started decorating the HappyDolls, he became engrossed in drawing.  "Sweet little Joshua who was so sad at the beginning became so radiant, smiling huge and shoving his doll in our faces to comment on it!" --ERIN.

Kaylen was the bashful one who would only nod yes or shake her head no when we asked her questions. We were dying to know what her HappyDoll's name was, but when we asked, she whispered it was a secret--she only told SAM! (Who is very good at keeping secrets, unfortunately.)

There was a warm harmonious atmosphere that filled the classroom the entire time.  It was almost as if they had rehearsed this session! Everyone knew exactly what to do, and they were ENJOYING it.

After finishing their dolls, it was now time to play! It's always wonderful to see the boys getting very creative about role playing.  Here, the two young boys are napping with their HappyDolls. They even did slow motion karate in the air! Splits, kicks, headstands--you name it!

Many of these kids were Spanish speakers.  So after attempting to communicate with our limited number of  ESPANOL vocabs, we resorted to extreme body language and funny voices.  Thanks to this little girl (above), Casey, now we know how to say yellow in Spanish--"Amarillo". 
We also explored some ways of "transportation" using our HappyDolls.
"What are someways we can travel?" asked Nozomi.
We were out of breath by the time we finished swimming across the classroom!
The HappyDolls were ready to travel now, which meant it was BON VOYAGE CEREMONY time!
The kids went wild when they saw HappyDolls designed by other children, waiting to be taken into their arms.  Their eyes glittered at the thought of their dolls traveling, and each of them were so willing to give!
The new HappyDolls met the dolls made by the kids at ABC.
"I've traveld from far away. Can I come stay with you?" asked the new dolls.
The two dolls switch places and the kids receive a doll made by another child.
By the end of the session, everyone had sent their HappyDolls away in the suitcase!
WHERE DID THESE NEW DOLLS COME FROM? All we will tell you now is that they have traveled from AFAR. How far? You'll have to wait to find out till our next blog entry:)
THANKS again to our lovely friends at ABC and the wonderful MOMS who joined us in making beautiful HappyDolls:) SEE YOU AGAIN soon!