Gifts from Honduras!

It's THRILLING THURSDAY and we have exciting news to share!

Do you remember our HappyDoll friend, Cosmo?

She is the founder of the nonprofit organization, Students Helping Honduras, which supports young leaders and community builders to make a difference for children in Honduras.

Cosmo and her brother fell in love with the country and its people when they first visited Honduras back in 2007.  Since then, they have been dedicated to building a movement of youth across the US and Honduras to combat extreme poverty. Their work have been recognized by many, including Doris Buffet of the Sunshine Lady foundation who provided the startup grants, and CNN which named Cosmo's brother, Shin, a CNN Hero in 2009.

Now Cosmo works for Ashoka's search team while getting her masters at NYU Wagner School of Public Service, but she still visits her friends and her community in Honduras regularly! As our fellow HappyDoll Honduras ambassador, upon visiting her second home in December, Cosmo delivered HappyDolls made by kids in the city to the community and returned with 63 HappyDolls created by children in Honduras!

We won't say much because this video tells it all...So click on it, sit back, and let the sunny Honduran love wash over you...!


Thank you to all the kids in Honduras, and to COSMO for making HappyDoll in Honduras possible! Check back to see where these dolls will be traveling nextt