One Year Later: HappyDolls for Tohoku

On March 11th, over 50 children came together in New York to design HappyDolls for Tohoku  to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami at Japan Society The children designed and created HappyDolls to send to the children in Tohoku. 

We would like to thank Japan Society for giving us the opportunity to share this significant day with so many wonderful children and together, reflect upon the lives lost and those who continue to struggle today.

As the children listened to the opening remarks by Mrs. Sakurai, President Sakurai's wife, we could see the determination well up inside them.  Many wrote words of encouragement like "GANBATTE!" (Hang in there!) and sincere concerns such as "I hope the construction on your house is done".  The HappyDoll Team (Erin, Thomas, Nina, Kazushi, and Tomiko) had just as much fun as the children, watching the kids breath life into the dolls for their friends in Japan.

 New York Times and Time Out covered the event, and NY1 and TV Japan interviewed attendees as kids decorated and wrote heartwarming messages on the HappyDolls!

After all the dolls had been decorated, singer and fellow HappyDoll ambassador, AK Akemi Kakihara joined us, and lead a sing-along with the  children.  Akemi is the organizer of the event TOGETHER FOR 3.11 which took place the day before, marking a huge success with over 1100 attendees!
More than 1,100 people attended "Together for 3.11" 
Once again, we would like to say THANK YOU to all the kids and their families who attended the event and we hope our love and prayers will reach those children in Tohoku. Stay tuned to find out more about WHERE in Tohoku these HappyDolls will be traveling to!
HappyDolls for Tohoku was organized as part of the month-long event series, One Year Later: Commemorating the One-Year Anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami by Japan Society. The series include panels, documentary screenings, a photographic exhibit, drawings by children, and events for families and children throughout March 6-20.   Be sure to stop by before the end of the series!