HappyDoll x Fashion Institute of Technology !

As the world's fashion capital, New York City is where trends are born and defined.  True talents flood into the city for inspiration from this forefront of fashion and style.  Naturally, this city is a home to a powerhouse of  fashion design schools that nourish and refine the creativity and skills of young talents.  Last week, HappyDoll had the honor to collaborate with one of the Crème de la Crème of the fashion schools,  FIT, Fashion Institution of Technology!

In collaboration with the Mercedes’ Fashion Week, FIT hosted a seminar entitled “Human Power Development and Japan Fashion in the Aage of Globalization”. 150 FIT students gathered to design HappyDolls while they watched the real-time screening of the conference in Tokyo, where FIT President, Dr. Brown; the Director of the Museum at FIT, Valerie Steele; and the CEO of Fast Retailing, Tadashi Yanai, spoke about the future of the fashion industry.

Who's that on the screen in the background? That's Mr. Yanai, CEO of Fast Retailing!

Sushi, giant sandwiches, green tea and mochi, were served as well!

Here are some of the dolls designed by FIT students, the next generation of talents who'll shape the future fashion trends!

The second from the left is COMME des GARÇONS inspired!

THANK YOU so much to FIT for collaborating with us, and most of all, to the students for participating and creating beautiful HappyDolls!
Check back to find out WHERE these dolls will travel!