BTMU x HappyDoll

We have perfect news for "Wonderful Wednesday"!

In January, HappyDoll had the honor of co-sponsoring screenings of the beautiful movie, Drive Me to the Sea.

From the start, we knew this screening would be a huge success.  What we didn't know was that one of the many sponsors of this movie would end up being our Corporate Volunteer Partner

Dying to know who it is? Drum roll please! It's Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ! 

We are especially excited to announce this partnership because BTMU (Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ) will not only be our Corporate Volunteer Partner, but also our very first Corporate Sponsor! What does this mean? BTMU insisted that they not only dedicate their time in helping our organization make the blank HappyDolls, but also support us financially by donating $2,500 to sponsor 100 HappyDolls to travel!

As a result, we had the pleasure of visiting TWO of their offices, one in New York and the other in New Jersey, where we introduced ourselves to the BTMU Teams and held a HappyDoll stuffing session during lunch. In total, the two teams were able to stuff 100 HappyDolls!

To show our appreciation for their generous partnership, we turned these 100 stuffed dolls  into special "BTMU x HappyDolls" stamped with their official logo.  Per request of the sponsor, these dolls will be decorated by children in New York and sent to children affected by the earthquake in Japan. 

We are thrilled by this new partnership with BTMU and we promise to keep you updated on the upcoming exciting projects.

That's not all, folks! We've got more news to share.

On April Fools, HappyDoll had it's first Baby Shower Event! One of our fellow volunteers from Morgan Stanley, Carol, will become a grandmother.  As part of the baby shower activity, her daughter-in-law, Brooke, invited HappyDoll to join the celebration! The beautiful mother-to-be and grand-mother-to-be stuffed HappyDolls with their friends as they celebrated this wonderful occasion.  They are expecting to welcome their first born son in May!

Carol (second from the left), Brooke (second from the right) and their families!

This is just one way to take part in the HappyDoll journey! Let us know if you have  any suggestions or ideas on other forms of HappyDoll sessions.

Stay tuned! We've got more exciting events coming your way...

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