Xin Chào ~HappyDolls in Vietnam~

Happy MONDAY! We're going to kick off the week with a great story that arrived from the East!
Yasuko, who was a HappyDoll staff member, moved back to Japan last year.  Although she is no longer at the office, she continues to be a powerful HappyDoll supporter and a loyal friend. Today's HappyDoll story began when Yasuko, who was originally from Niigata, reached out to the Niigata International Volunteer Center (NVC).
NVC is a non-profit organization which has forged a strong connection with the local communities in Vietnam, Laos, and Bangladesh by providing human resources development  programs for over 20 years.  Some of their main focus includes sheltering for street children, building schools, and providing university scholarships to the youths in Vietnam.  They are also involved in educational projects in Bangladesh, and natural resources conservation projects in Laos.  (Read more about them by clicking the link.)
Every year, the organization sends a group of students from the University of Niigata to visit one of the orphanages in Vietnam.  This is where HappyDoll's next session took place!
The HappyDolls made in New York traveled to Mai Am Ba Cheiu (MABC) in Ho Chi Minh.
Funded by WOCA(Womens Charity Association), MABC is  an open house for street children, particularly young girls without parents.  NVC sponsored the facility constructions and raised the funds to construct the girls' current house, where approximately twenty children from ages 7 to 16 live together.  This home provides job-training to prepare the girls for the day when they leave the facility at the age of 17 or 18.  NVC has been providing college scholarships to young women from MABC who chose to go to University.
Cute penguin HappyDoll made by Emily from the HappyDoll birthday party!
Coraline by Mikado from the "Happy Scribble" event
David by John from the KAFSC event

Moly by Nikki from the HappyDoll birthday party!

Naomi's Love & Peace HappyDoll from Movie x Meal!
Valquiria's HappyDoll from Massachusetts!
HappyDoll made by Ryden at "Happy Scribble" event
Ashly made by Tony at KAFSC event!
Hito-kun made by Keigo at "Happy Scribble" event
HappyDoll made by Joshua from  KAFSC event 
 Isabella made by Emily from Movie x Meal! 
 HappyDoll made by Cynthia at  KAFSC event 
Thea made by Amy at  KAFSC event 
"Have a great time playing!!! P.S. This is a ballarena."
Here are some amazing photographs of the girls at MABC making HappyDolls with the visiting students! Some of the girls have been studying Japanese, and wrote their messages in Vietnamese AND Japanese...! We are so impressed!
Hai who made Nubi wrote: "I will give you this doll:) How are you? Someday I hope you will visit here."
Ngoc Anh, who made Blue says: "Have fun and be happy!" 「楽しくて幸せになりますように」
My Hanh made Sarah!
A truly powerful message : "NEVER GIVE UP"
Ha made Eve: "Dear my friend! Nice to meet you!"
B Phuong made Mai Ly: "^_^"
Kuu really likes the HappyDoll made by Valquiria in Massachusetts.
She made her own named Baby: "Nice to meet you. Hope I get to meet you in person someday!"
 Thao and Vy made Mimi and Ly Ly : "It's glad to see you. I hope I will meet you someday", "あなたの人形をもらってうれしいです(I'm so happy to receive your doll)"
BIG THANK YOU to all the lovely girls at MABC who made HappyDolls for other children.
Also, THANK YOU to the the amazing student team: Yuki, Tatsurou, Tomoko, Aya, Soya, and Gwen(Members of Vietnam Project, Niigata University) You guys made the project possible.
 Stay tuned to find our where these HappyDolls will arrive!!