Parents Magazine Covers HappyDoll

Memorial Weekend is just around the corner!
What fun plans do you have in mind?

We have fantastic news to share with you to kick off the weekend: PARENTS MAGAZINE featured HappyDoll in their JUNE issue!

Parents Magazine is one of the most popular parenting magazine featuring expert advice, information on child development, and parenting concerns to help parents raise their children.  HappyDoll was featured in their article entitled "Groups That Make Charity Parties Easy".

Not running to the bookstore yet? Well, guess who's on the cover? First lady, Michelle Obama!

This lovely article came about from meeting the Editorial Director of the Ladies' Home Journal last year. The timing was perfect since we had been brainstorming on ways to approach parents with the idea of holding HappyDoll sessions for their kids' birthday parties.

The article says: "Each child at your party colors and decorates a doll ($25 for a kit) for a needy child here or in another country. The nonprofit then sanitizes the dolls and sends them on. The website even lets you track your creation's travels."

Thanks to this article, inquiries and feedbacks for birthday parties, family reunion parties, adoption parties, and school projects have been pouring in from all over the country.  We just sent 20 HappyDoll kits to California yesterday. We're so thrilled by this outcome.

Holding HappyDoll birthday parties is truly a great way for the children to experience the joy of giving. Some parents have asked the kids not to bring gifts, but instead make HappyDolls with the birthday boy or girl to send off to other children.  Doesn't the thought of your happydoll, a one-and-only special doll, traveling across the country to "meet" someone you have never met before excite you? We want the kids to experience this sensation!

Thanks to Parents Magazine, especially to the Editorial Director and our dear HappyDoll friend, Sally Lee for this wonderful opportunity.

Have a wonderful Memorial weekend, everyone!

Stay tuned! We’ve got more exciting events coming your way…

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