Midori and Friends + HappyDoll

Have you heard of Midori Goto? She is a phenomenal violinist who made her debut performance at age 11 with the NY Philharmonic under the renowned conductor, Zubin Mehta.

While performing all around the world, she teaches at University of Southern California,
and helps focus attention on the work of the UN as their UN Messenger of Peace.
She was only 21-years-old when she founded her non-profit organization, Midori and Friends.
About Midori and Friends
Midori and Friends is a  New York City based philanthropic organization that provides musical education for under served public school children. The organization provides both concerts and lessons to students who wouldn't otherwise have the benefit of music in their schools.
Guess who had the honor of collaborating with this amazing organization? You got it--HappyDoll! On May 17th, HappyDoll and Midori and Friends hosted an event at PS163K in Brooklyn. Thirty-eight 3rd graders from two classes joined forces to make HappyDolls using the blank dolls made from the Corporate Volunteer Session at BTMU (Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ).

The kids at PS163K have been learning about Japan and its culture through the program designed by Midori & Friends. They experienced Ikebana, taiko, how to make Japanese food, and even learned how to sing in Japanese!
We had a surprise guest for these kids who have learned so much about Japan: a special appearance by the Japanese pop-star, KIYOTAKA!
KIYO's most recent single "#1" has topped the Amazon Japan charts at number 1.
(You can listen to his song on itunes!)
During the session, Kiyo talked about his childhood in Japan and helped the kids decorate the dolls and write messages in Japanese.  At the end, he even performed a private concert for the kids! After his performance, everyone flocked over to the singer, asking for photos and autographs.
The kids wrote messages in Japanese! We're impressed by the beautiful handwriting.
So where will these HappyDolls go? These amazing dolls will be sent to the kids at Okada Elementary School in Sendai, where Kiyo studied as a child.  Kiyo himself, will deliver the HappyDolls embellished with heartwarming messages to the kids in Sendai as a HappyDoll ambassador.  We're sure the dolls will help put a smile on these kids' faces!
In the fall, the kids of Okada Elementary School will also design HappyDolls for the children at PS163K.
Finally, THANK YOU to all the kids at PS163K and their teachers  Ms. Bove and Ms. Forman  for welcoming HappyDolls and participating in this project.
Last but the not the least, we would like to thank Midori and Friends from the bottom of our hearts for giving us this wonderful opportunity.

Stay tuned! We’ve got more exciting events coming your way…

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