"Omedeto" to Our Friends

Happy June everyone! It's only been a week since our last blog entry, but we have great stories to share with you!

Almost 3 months ago, we had an event called "HappyDolls for Tohoku" at Japan Society where over 50 children in New York came together to design HappyDolls to send to children in the Tohoku area to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. The dolls have traveled to Japan thanks to our ambassador, AK. We will let you know more details about this trip soon.

Little did we know we would inspire two young yet determined "change makers", KAI and  SASHA, who had attended the event.

Having his HappyDoll sent to children in Sendai, Kai started to wonder how he could share this experience with  friends.  After careful thinking, he came up with a perfect way to do this-- by bringing the HappyDoll session to his school!

Kai attends St. Alban's School in Manhattan where students can share a special activity with their classmates on their birthdays.

That is how 10 of Kai's classmates in the first grade class worked together to make HappyDolls for more children in Japan.  The children used the blank HappyDolls stuffed by our wonderful volunteers from BTMU.

Everyone wanted to write messages in Japanese! The word on the black board "OMEDETO!" means "Congratulations!". So, "Omedeto" Kai, for your birthday.

Kai's HappyDoll says "I love Japan"

Here's a message from Kai's parents:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gx3eLpT5VBM]

Our other little friend, SASHA, shared the experience with her second grade class at Horace Mann School in Riverdale.  

Sasha's HappyDoll is named YOKO!

As a result, 18 very special HappyDolls covered in messages of hope in English and Japanese were created at her school! Ireland, England, Haiti and Japan were someof the countries they came up with when asked where they wanted their dolls to travel.


Let us give a very big OMEDETO and THANK YOU (ARIGATO, in Japanese) to KAI and SASHA for their leadership in recognizing something special and sharing it with others to make a bigger difference in the world. We hope everyone enjoyed making their HappyDolls!

Thank you so much to Kai and Sasha's friends who participated, and their lovely parents and teachers for the support.

Stay tuned! We’ve got more exciting events coming your way…

-Help lift the spirits of children in need by donating to happydoll.org-