Where the Heart Is

Here's news from HappyDoll that will keep you going this rainy Monday.

See the pictures? Spot the difference!

BEFORE                                             NOW

You got it--HappyDoll now has a heart!

Since the launch of our organization, our HappyDolls have been hand-made--stuffed and sewed--by our dedicated team of volunteer members in New York. To date, over 370 people have helped us create the HappyDolls.  Starting this month, as our volunteers stuff the dolls with cotton stuffings, they will also embed a small secret heart to symbolize their warm sympathy for the children who will receive them.

Why hide the heart?

The concept is similar to the Japanese tradition of carrying an "omamori", or a lucky charm of protection and prosperity.  These small amulets are prayers written on paper or wood covered in cloth, and can be purchased at temples or shrines. There are different types of "omamori" that will help for various occasions and fields, such as education, love, money, safety, and so on.  The most important thing that surprisingly not many Japanese people know about, is that "omamori" has to be hidden, or it will lose it's effect. That is why the HappyDoll heart is "hidden" inside the dolls' chest.

We hope you get to see the new HappyDoll in person!

Stay tuned! We’ve got more exciting events coming your way…

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