HappyDoll at Central Park Challenge

Have you heard of Central Park Challenge?

It's a walking/running fundraiser organized by YAI.org every year, where adults and children with disabilities, and their families and friends gather together to celebrate diversity over conformity and raise awareness for support to those who need it.



HappyDoll participated by holding a booth in the "Play Area" for children at the Banshell.  There, the children could engage in various activities like basketball, face-painting and other arts and crafts. We invited 100 children to decorate HappyDolls at the HappyDoll booth.

Our fellow volunteers, Justin, Josev, AK, Akiko, Anna, and Seiko came and helped us mend our HappyDoll booth!

A big thanks to JENNIFER from YAI, who welcomed HappyDoll with open arms to this wonderful and meaningful event.

Our first HappyDoll twinsies! 

After every child finished decorating their HappyDolls, we would ask each and every one of them, "Do you want to keep the dolls, or send it off to another friend?" At HappyDoll.org, we believe our dolls are for children who need it the most. That's why we never force a child to give up their dolls. If they want to keep it, that's perfectly fine---HappyDolls are there for them!

However, at the Central Park Challenge, we were overwhelmed by the number of kids who decided to give up the dolls for them to travel to another child. GOOD JOB, EVERYONE!

THANKS to everyone for stopping by and making such a wonderful HappyDoll!

Also, a BIG THANK YOU to YAI, and especially Jennifer, who introduced us to these beautiful kids!

Stay tuned! We’ve got more exciting events coming your way…

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