Happy Fourth of July!

Happy July 4th, everyone! HappyDolls are out celebrating the special day with their Star Spangled Banner and BBQ grill.

The sizzling weather is reminder enough that summer is here to stay, but we had our own HappyDoll event called "Scribble Your Summer with HappyDoll" to kick of the season at Scribble Press on the Upper East Side! After our collaboration back in November, we couldn't wait to do something with Scribble Press again.

Upon arriving, our guests were welcomed with fun shaped sunglasses, lei, and the Beach Teddy Bear Cupcakes made by our friend, Victoria!

Our interns, Anna & Damin, with our good friend Mr. Kigure

When the HappyDolls were decorated, they were taken into the Scribble Press factory. 10 minutes later, everyone received a special notebook with their HappyDolls on the cover!

 THANK YOU to Scribble Press and all of our friends who came and participated in this FUNTASTIC event!

Stay tuned! We’ve got more exciting events coming your way…

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