HappyDoll Interns!

Happy Friday! We hope everyone enjoyed Fourth of July.

As always, we have great news to share with you today. Please welcome our HappyDoll interns, Damin and Anna.

Damin is a senior at Keio University in Japan.  She is visiting New York for a month and heard about HappyDoll through her friend. Instead of seeing tourist sites, Damin was searching for a way to experience "working in New York". What better way to do this than do an internship at HappyDoll, right?  After graduating, she will work for MIKIHOUSE, a high-end Japanese children's brand.

"I think of children's clothing as a medium of communication between parents and their children. That's why I can really relate to HappyDoll's mission to connect children through traveling dolls."

Anna is a New Yorker attending Brown University. She was a camper at the Executive Director Nozomi's international summer camp in Japan called MSTERIO for 8 sessions! As a freshman, she still has time to declare her major, but she is thinking about double majoring in Engineering and Art History. Very related.

"Something that I can never get enough of is traveling, because of the awareness of different places, people, and perspectives that it gives me. That's why I value and love that Happydoll lets children everywhere gain this important insight in such a creative way, at the stage of their lives when they're absorbing and coming to understand the world around them."

Last month, the interns and our new HappyDoll staff, Janna, got to experience their first HappyDoll stuffing sessions at AHRC NYCOur HappyDoll volunteer, Anna, and ambassador, Cosmo also joined us!

AHRC is an organization providing support and services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

On this day, 65 volunteers at AHRC made almost 100 blank HappyDolls. AHRC New York City is one of the largest consumer-based nonprofit organizations in the city.

YULIYA from AHRC delivered the dolls to our office once they were all sewed up!

 A BIG THANK YOU to everyone at AHRC and our fellow volunteers and interns!

Stay tuned! We’ve got more exciting events coming your way…

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