Back to School!


We hope everyone enjoyed the Labor Day weekend...

Now it's time to pick up the books and go back to school! Our HappyDolls are ready to meet new friends, learn about the world, and travel the globe BECAUSE...The HappyDoll  TRACKING SYSTEM is up and running!

If your doll has traveled to another country, you can see them now on our website. Punch in the HappyDoll ID# and find out where your doll is! Stay tuned as more HappyDolls embark on their journeys around the world...

Also, we want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that SEPTEMBER IS CHILDHOOD CANCER AWARENESS MONTH! 


Big hugs to the kids at CandellightersNYC who made HappyDolls last year. We are thinking of you!  

Don't miss our updates...We’ve got more exciting events coming your way…!

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